Chicken & Pumpkin Rissoto

Chicken & Pumpkin Rissoto

To intensify the already powerful flavour of the locally sourced Cornfed Chicken we marinade the thigh in a sea salt, garlic and thyme bouquet overnight. This process helps to tenderise and infuse the juicy fibres of the Chicken thigh. We then wash the salt from the Chicken and seal it under vacuum to poach at 65°C for 6 hours locking in the juices and flavours while insuring perfect cooking and tenderness of the delicious thigh.

Chunks of pumpkin are roasted to caramelisation at 180°C and then pureed with butter and milk. We then saute fine diced brown onion and Australian garlic with olive and butter until soft and sweet in flavour. Alborio rice is added to the savoury mixture lightly pan roasted with other ingredients until the grains begin to crack which allows the rice to take extra flavour and moisture from the rest of the ingredients. White wine is added and reduced at a simmer, the rice is finished off with an aromatic house made chicken stock.

To serve we add the caramelised Pumpkin puree and shredded pieces of Chicken thigh with a little extra butter, cream and chicken stock creating a delicious and silky smooth texture and finish with grated Parmigiano Reggiano, Olive oil and fresh baby Rocket leaves.


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December 19, 2016